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Complete Ebook for Wiring, Fuse, Manuals and other Datasheets

Planet Audio Capacitor Wiring. This is a 2000 Watt Max Handling Amp Kit that provides the needed juice flow and wiring for your new amplifier. Tech Support Warranty.

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20 8 Gauge Power Wire 1 GS-17 17 RCA Interconnect 5 8 Gauge Ground Wire 5 6 wire ties 16 16 Gauge remote turn-on wire 2 8 GA Spade Terminals 10 516 Split Loom Tubing 1 8 GA Spade Terminal2 1 FHAGU-810 Fuse Holder 1 16 GA Spade Terminal 1 40 amp AGU fuse 1 16 GA Butt Terminal. Well you only have to look at Planet Audio to discover how exciting your car audio options can be. 4 Gauge Amplifier.

A positive and a negative.

50 out of 5. The Planet Audio PCBLK20 is a 2 Farad capacitor that has 20 VDC rated voltage 24 VDC surge voltage ESR of 000195 and comes with a mounting bracket screws resistor and wire crimps. 20 VDC Surge Voltage. 50 out of 5.